SO… Winter Survival

SO… Winter Survival

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My room has finally warmed up. It was the third call to my landlord that did it, and he went to flick the switch, and just like that we have heat. It snowed last night. I’m looking out of my window, and notice light layers of snow on the tops of all the cars parked down the street. White. The same color as the blanket that I have wrapped around me, as I sit crossed legged and huddled at my desk, and I have the La la Land soundtrack playing in the background, on repeat.


It’s mid January and it just hit me that we are in the thick of Winter. When did that happen? Although come to think of it, with the bi-polar weather New York has had this week, it could be mid May for all we know. But anyway, as a typical Fashion Blog theme this week, I have decided to share my “Favorite Winter Items I can’t live without this Winter, or any Winter to be honest. Basically, how to keep the cold out and the warm in.”


1. My snow boots. The twenty minute trek to the subway on early mornings would not be possible without my Caterpillar indestructible snow boots. With their faux fur lining, and rock hard leather shell, I’ve had them for 10 years now, and I know we are definitely going to make it to the next 10. Just as long as it keeps on snowing.


2. My Gilet. (Also know as a sleeveless padded vest for my US audience.) Starting the gilet trend amongst my friends, let me tell you this item is the secret for layering up your outfit this Winter, or Spring, or any time of the year actually. It even looks cute with floral dresses. Mine’s white, (okay once was white), $50 from Uniqlo that I got on sale last summer. (Who’s buying jackets in August? Me, that’s who.) It rolls up into one of those tiny draw string bags and fits perfectly in my purse. I carry it with me everywhere.



3. My cashmere sweater collection, I can’t decide which one exactly is my favorite. I hand washed them all last weekend, and it was very amusing when my roommate walked in on me in the bath tub surrounded by a sea of floating sweaters. The trick is all in the drying, well so this GQ article told me. Don’t ring them out, instead damp, and roll lightly in a towel, and leave to dry naturally. Cashmere success.


4. My dressing gown robe. The first thing I put on every morning, an indescribable comfort. We have a close relationship. And it’s one of those old school flannel kinds, I think “accidently” taken from a fancy hotel in London. It’s my favorite.



5. My new leather gloves with wool lining. A surprise gift from the head seamstress this past holiday. You see I always have   cold hands, even in mid Summer, it’s some kind of circulation problem so I’ve been told. They’re definitely helping me save on the hand cream this Winter. Only thing, I do wish I could type in them.



6. My emerald green knitted scarf. You see, I always have a knitting phase once a year. Any of my friends will tell you. Last year the phase came early, and I bought out the thick size 8 needles around November, picked up some beautiful mohair yarn from the local store here in Astoria, and so my latest creation is the green scarf, I love it, and most importantly, it’s bloody warm.



7. My Raybans. Okay, so it’s a boring one. However you can always count on that New York blazing sun to be present, and I am always ready with my classic raybans to shield me from that bright light. They’re also great for early mornings, and avoiding eye contact with crazy characters on the subway.



8. Lastly, a hot cup of tea. Yes, I know it’s not a piece of clothing. But it’s so much more. I can’t survive the Winter without a good cup of tea. Which at this moment, I unwrap my big white blanket, and climb out of it to go and put the kettle on. Forget central heating, expensive cashmere, my dressing gown, even the gilet. If there’s one thing that I know will warm me up, it’s that cup of tea.