SO…I Dreamed a Dream

SO…I Dreamed a Dream

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Somewhere in New York – April 2013

It is my last day in New York City, and I have just woken up from the most vivid dream. It was about Bryant Park. Springtime, and I was amongst a sea of bright yellow daffodils, which actually remind me of a rich yellow gold double face silk satin we are using in the current collection. The smell of freshly cut grass, and the huge gushing fountain is behind me, which sounds are mixed in with the faint buzz of chaos city noises, from a far.


I am feeling quite nervous about my flight later. I’m about to put on a pot of coffee, but I change my mind. Instead, I get dressed, and head over to the park instead. To think, I haven’t visited it since the expired Christmas tree and ice rink were taken down, and I really can’t go home without seeing it one more time. I must go.



Fast forward. I have become some sort of airline critic. And like a Virgin, I was flying with them for the very first time. I am impressed. A pleasant journey where I managed my complimentary glass of wine before 10am this morning, enjoying the available in flight entertainment, and it did make me smile when just before landing, the sweet air hostess dressed in bright red offers me some love hearts candy. Nice. I’ll save them for later.


Much more exciting than the latest iPhone or iPad. Let me introduce you to the “ivisa.” Well- the O-1 actually. The newest must have accessory, and no it does not come in any other colors. Walking through customs, and I can only describe it like I’m going into battle, however this time I’m equipped with the strongest armor. An Olympic medal. A golden ticket. Armor which has taken about six months to prepare, but boy am I excited to try it out. But most importantly, it’s the pass to my dream. And it worked.


Ignoring time difference, sleep deprivation, baby I’m running on adrenaline and excitement. Sophie your life is waiting. And as I head into Manhattan and run down the subway steps on Northern Boulevard in my blue suede heels, I approach the window to ask for my brand new monthly subway pass. As I look over the booth, I can tell one of the woman’s eyes is fixed on me, but the other wonders. There’s a long pause.

“What perfume is that you’re wearing?” she asks, “I like it” and suddenly she moves her face closer to the glass which makes me jump.

“Oh, thank you” I say, “it’s Jean Paul Gaultier.” 
I explain to her the female body silhouette shaped bottle. She smiles.


My new Secret Garden for the next three years. I walk into Bryant Park for what seems like the first time again, and I am overwhelmed by the blanket of yellow daffodils that have filled up the park during my absence. Beautiful. And just like my dream. The colors, the smell, the surrounding faint city noises, drowned out by the fountain of tranquility. Spring has crept up just like that, and yet I can’t help but think how did those daffodils find their way into my dream?


And as I jump on the oh so familiar JFK air train back into the city that morning, with that gorgeous New York sunshine glaring through the window, a strong burnt orange, which silhouette actually reminds me of a French fil coupe organza we are using in the current collection. And then it starts to sink in again that I’m back in the city that I love, and I get another flashback of those gorgeous daffodils in Bryant Park. My favorite.


At that moment, I remember the tube of love heart candy handed to me on the plane. Just what I fancy. Fishing them out of my tight jean back pocket, I open the wrapper. I pull out the first heart, it’s pink. I turn it over, and it reads, “You win.”


I guess I kinda do.