Fresh Fall/Winter Fashion to Add to Your Collection!

Fresh Fall/Winter Fashion to Add to Your Collection!

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As you all know Fall is here and Winter is fast approaching, which means it’s time to make a new fresh fashion statement! This is the season for neutral colors, bubble coats, and most importantly… Layers!! There are a variety of stores, especially in New York, for you to get your new wardrobe for this Fall. H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Forever 21 and Pacsun are some good stores that I personally shop at. They have clothes for the season with great quality at affordable prices. Yesterday, a few buddies from the Fashion Diary and I went trend shopping around 5th Avenue. Our goal was to bring you guys some possible pickups for your own personal closet. Here are some trendy fall items:

Heavy Bubble Coats

In Uniqlo, we found this thick seamless down bubble coat made with some ultra soft nylon, polyester and spandex. It was quite heavy and definitely warm as you can see my friend Xavier was looking mighty toasty in it. A variety of colors are available but This orange one matched the theme for Fall. There is also a woman version, with a longer length and a fur hood. They both retailed at a whopping $150 but based on my inspection… seems worth it.


Light Bubble Coats

Much like the previous coat, there is also one in a very similar style which is made of ultralight down. Though it’s in the men’s section, the coat is very versatile and could be unisex. I personally own one of these and can vouch that they are very warm for the Fall/Winter despite their thin look. Its available in many colors, such as black, gold, and olive. This jacket retailed at $60 which is VERY worth the price.

Cargo Jeans

Of course Zara was the next stop! I recommend this store for trendy and unique clothing. Check out these black jeans with cargo pockets on the front, a red nylon stripe on the side, and zippers on the bottom. I know it sounds like a lot but surprisingly it came together pretty well. If you like pulling off crazy fresh fits like myself I’d definitely purchase these jeans! They retail for $80 but I guarantee you that you’ll barely see these anywhere else.

Distressed Side Stripe Jeans

Also, at Zara I found some light blue distressed jeans with an odd pattern going down the side. It was a stripe made of denim with lighter stitching around the edges and zig-zags in the middle. I’ve never seen jeans like this and would definitely rock them! Though there are holes in the jeans, I still think it’s bearable for fall. If your knees get cold you could cover them up. Just get some fabric glue and add the fabric of your choice! Like most jeans at Zara the price point is $80 But again worth it if you wanna look different than everybody else.

Patterned Sweatshirts

Once again at Zara, I found a beautiful  embroidered sweatshirt. It’s probably one of the dopest I’ve ever seen to date, but takes a master at fashion to pull it off. This piece is Mostly composed of what looks like beast mouths and finished off with wolf, tiger, bear, and eagle heads scattered throughout. The designs of the animals could most closely be compared to that of a traditional style tattoo.The price for this was $80 as well and after trying it on I was sold!


Zip up collared shirts

We decided to take a look in high end stores as well and ended up in Ferragamo . After browsing their wide selection of clothes we stumbled upon some crazy yet simple designs on shirts. Imagine your standard polo collared shirt but instead of buttons they have a zipper. A small Ferragamo logo is featured on the chest area. This zipper idea is becoming popular and is evident in other designer labels work such as Bape and Fendi. Although these pieces are short sleeve, they look and feel warm. I’d hope so with a price point of $300 per shirt! If your ready to drop a bag on some exclusive fall designer fashion than this is the place for you!


Last but certainly not least we headed to the Burberry store on 57th street. There we found a couple of fall essentials that I’d definitely add to my closet! First I looked at a windbreaker from Burberry’s last collection. It has Burberry Graffiti on it with a plaid background. This style is very “in” right now as multiple celebrities have been spotted wearing the trend. The jacket comes in at a retail price of $990! We also viewed some Burberry scarves made of 100% cashmere. A perfect accessory to accompany any fall fit and add some flair! The prices range from $430-$990!

Halloween 2018 Makeup looks

Halloween 2018 Makeup looks

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Last minuet Halloween makeup looks 2018 

It’s almost Halloween if you don’t know what to wear don’t worry here’s some Halloween makeup looks you can do with things you have at home.

  1. Angry Clown

What did I used?

  • Red and black eyeliner from: NYX
  • Red lipstick from: Elf
  • Red and black eyeshadow from : Bh cosmetics.

2. Simple Bunny look

What did I used?

  • white foundation from: LA girl
  • white and black eyeliner from: NYX
  • Pink lipstick from: Maybelline

   3. Mermaid look

Trends for Fall/Winter Fashion 2018

Trends for Fall/Winter Fashion 2018

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This fall/winter season 2018 features a lot of hot new trends


Uniqlo has kicked off this season with some pretty dope attire! The first selection would be their men & women’s jackets that are available now online & at stores. Their jackets are made of cool wool material. It comes in dark shaded colors such as black, grey, navy blue, sea green & burgundy. The women’s jacket is sort of made to look like a cardigan but the material is very thick, keeping you warm all season. Uniqlo has more fashionable men and women’s jackets for 30% off. Their washed denim jackets are very popular and not that pricey. Uniqlo has a variety of styles whether it be casual street wear or formal wear. Their clothing selections give me a classy Manhattan feel.

Salvatore Ferragamo has come out with a lot of dope winter apparel this fall season. Some of the designs featured a knitted top with their logo pattern made to cover the whole entire sweater. The pattern was very unique. Ferragamo has also introduced a new stock of belts and book bags , available in stores and online.

Versace is also on the watch with their new collection of plaid coats, jackets, and pants. One of their tops consist of all different types of plaid patterns stitched together to make a button up shirt. Versace, has also made semi-color plaid skirts and jackets for women; Also available in stores and online. As soon as I walked into the Versace store I felt blessed. Just the collection alone is absolute fire. Their belts have a lot of detailed structure to them, such as the Medusa 3-colored diamond emblem. It shines right before your eyes.

I tried on one of their plaid jackets, their silk shirts as well & I can’t lie, they are very comfortable & high fashion.


New York City Halloween Events 2017

New York City Halloween Events 2017

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There is only one week and a few days until Halloween and there are pumpkins, witches and ghosts on every corner. How will you ghoul out this week all the way up till Halloween? Check out some to do things around New York City to get in the spooky spirits!

Haunted House: Do you dare?


Blood Manor is a 5000 square ft house of horror filled with numerous themed rooms and corridors to get you spooked! There are live actors on board so make sure you are ready! You have to be 14 years or older to attend this spook house and make sure you don’t go all fancy because you may end up covered in blood!

Jack o lantern Galore!

Courtesy: Brian Haeffele

The Great Jack’O Lantern Blaze is located at Van Cortlandt Manor in the Hudson Valley.

This is definitely a must see for the fall season. Enjoy more than 7,000 hand carved pumpkins and enjoy an overall breathtaking display! Appropriate for all ages, so bring the whole family. Enjoy the glorious light up pumpkin carvings and much more!

Click here for more

The New York City Village Halloween Parade

Courtesy: Filip Wolack

If you enjoy a large spooky and creative crowd the Annual Village Halloween Parade is a must! The best part…wait for it, this event is totally free! Watch from the side lines or come dressed and be a part of the parade. The parade starts at 7pm and goes from 6th ave between Canal and Spring st all the way up to 16th street. Enjoy music, dancers and some super silly, out of this world costumes.


Hopefully you will choose one of these events to ring out this Halloween with a bang.

What has been one of your favorite Halloween experiences?


Happy spooking! Leave your answers down below 🙂

Fashion and beauty brands that support breast cancer

Fashion and beauty brands that support breast cancer

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There are a lot of fashion and beauty brands that are helping out with raising money for breast cancer. Here is how you can help.

Let’s start off with the facts.

Well in case you didn’t know, October is breast cancer awareness month. The color pink represents the awareness of breast cancer globally. It is the second most common cancer found in women and in the US alone over 250,000 women are expected to have this cancer by the end of this year.

The Susan G Komen breast cancer walk took place all over New York City this past Sunday and it’s never too late to donate for the cause.  I didn’t have the chance to go this year but have been part of the breast cancer walk for quite a few years and it’s such a great event to attend.  You can donate to the Susan G Komen fund anytime  here.

In addition here are some beauty products and fashion items you can purchase to support breast cancer!


Photo: Courtesy of Nordstorm

Jumbo Clinque Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Clinque will donate $10 per sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation ($39;


Photo: Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty Pink F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

Sigma Beauty will donate 20% of the proceeds to the non profit organization Bright Pink  ($25;

Photo: Courtesy of

Beauty Blender Bubble

50% of proceeds will go to Breast Cancer patients The Look Good Feel Better Foundation ($20


Photo: Courtesy of

Limited Release Susan G. Koman 6 inch Premium Waterproof Boots

Timberland will donate $50,000 regardless of sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation ($170;


Photo: Courtesy of

Dooney and Bourke Pink Ribbon Shopper

For each sale %20 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation ($78;


Photo: Courtesy of

Kendra Scott Elisa Silver Pendant Necklace In Light Pink Drusy

When you buy a this necklace a woman battling Breast Cancer will receive a necklace and a hand written note ($65;

Fall Fashion Trends 2017: Flowers in the Fall?

Fall Fashion Trends 2017: Flowers in the Fall?

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It is still the early days of fall and it is time for apple everything and pumpkin lattes but lets not forget the fall fashion trends!

Me and Jasmine (another intern here at Thefashiondiary) headed to Soho early Saturday morning to take a look at what was in stores:

Upon hours of exploring multiple stores and boutiques we came across lots of bright reds, colorful fur coats, denim and floral embroidery.


Viva la red!

Not just the usual burgundy color a bright poppy red seen everywhere! Is love in the air?

See by Chole Backpack: $295

See by Chole purse: $425

YIGAL X AQUA dress: $118

MANGO faux snake skin bag: $59.99

MANGO satin booties: $99.99

Stitch me floral fashion

Flower patterns were abundant and plentiful! There were a lot of embroidered fashion items from jean jackets to satin backpacks, you name it. Who said flowers are only for the spring?

Levi’s Jeans Jacket: $198

SUNSET + SPRING bookbag: $85

Playful furs

Tired of the traditional, neutral fur colors? There were tons of fur and faux fur alternatives that came in amazing patterns and bright colors!

SHACI faux fur colorblock jacket: $98

PelloBello feather jacket: $248


Thank you for reading! Are any of these fall fashion pieces a must have? Leave a comment down below!

Fenty Beauty For Everyone by Rhianna

Fenty Beauty For Everyone by Rhianna

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Fenty Beauty dropped last month; When I stopped by Sephora to check out Rihanna’s new cosmetic line, I absolutely loved everything! There are 40 shades of foundation and a variety of concealers. Fenty beauty makeup is created for all races. I did say everyone. Right?!  Rihanna’s new cosmetic line is so popular that it was almost sold out… of everything!!! Rihanna started Fenty Beauty cosmetic line because ”she wanted everyone to feel included.

UPDATE: Today on my way to Sephora, I found out Rihanna came out with an eyeshadow palette, liquid eyeliner and also sparkly lip gloss! When I tell you, I fell deeply in love with the Fenty Beauty eyeshadow palette… I fell hard! It’s absolutely amazing! It’s matte and sparkly in so many different fall colors. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

I gotta say Rihanna is really doing her thang with her cosmetic line! It’s cruelty free and also affordable. I’m completely addicted!

This is what the Fenty gloss looks like on my hand… I’m absolutely obsessed! Go get your Fenty gloss girls!@


SO… Runway Ready

SO… Runway Ready

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When I booked my one-way ticket to New York five years ago, I remember the exact airline that I flew with. You see I couldn’t pronounce it, and when asking my father about the German airline name, he laughed in my face, and has made fun of me ever since.


Five years on, and I never believed that I would be taking part in the first ever runway show, on a plane, yes that’s right, with Lufthansa airline. Frankfurt to New York. On board with an army of press, bloggers, camera crews and models. Whose idea was this?


Frau Kempner. The name badge given to me, I clip it onto my cashmere coat, and am handed a chic fluorescent yellow safety jacket, as we cross the huge runway, and straight back onto the plane for a full dress rehearsal, only hours after stepping off a nine hour flight that same morning into cloudy Frankfurt.


Fasten seatbelt whilst seated. Mentally mine was, tight. Especially when we board, and two camera crews have “hi-jacked’ the plane to wire up the aircraft and test out the cameras. Women shouting German to me as they try to pass down the narrow aisles as they clean the plane, with huge garbage bags dragging behind them. The models, all in their heels, practice walking down the aisles at the same time this is all going on. Absolutely exhausted, and I sit in the front row of business class, trying to keep up with the madness that is going on around me. And I am quickly mesmerized by the cute production manager Simone that is conducting the whole thing, and the buzz of excitement from him and the crew. With the plane firmly on the ground, I am all of a sudden on some sort of high.


I find it comical when I step off the plane, do I get an email from Lufthansa telling me I am now ready to check in for my flight back to New York first thing tomorrow morning. Are you kidding me. I just got here.


A night of exploring Frankfurt, with little to no sleep, and early the following morning my engine is running on only adrenaline, and well, German coffee.


Please prepare for take off.


Soaring above the clouds, I was closer to heaven than ever before, and yet I was feeling far from it. An hour before show time, and I climb the stairs to the upper level of the plane. Passing all the lounging bloggers as they take photos with their selfie sticks , choosing their Instagram filters, and drink champagne with their good looking boyfriends in their Abercrombie effortless sweatpants.


I reach for the clothes that are stored away hidden in the cabinet by where the food is served in the back, and take them to “back stage”, which consists of five rows of business class at the front of the plane. The clothes are all so wrinkled and we are in desperate need of a steamer. Which at that moment we find out that the steamer was not taken onto the plane, and did not in fact pass security.


Taking short breaths, and I half expect the oxygen masks to fall from up above us and hit me on the head, just like in the safety videos.  I could really do with some right now.  Thinking fast, and I rip off all the plastic bags from the clothes, and start to hang them up along the overhead compartments, making a wall of clothes around the cabin to let them breath.


30,000ft up in the air, and I wasn’t sure if it was the cabin pressure, but I was starting to feel light headed, with a hint of traumatic claustrophobia. Half an hour to show time, and we were surrounded by half naked model getting dressed, at the same time hair and make up fussing over them, spraying goodness- knows- how- did- that- get- on- the- plane, and camera crews conducting interviews, sound booms banging into the over head compartments, and well, clothes just everywhere. It was the chaos of a back stage fashion show, X100.


Brace position.


A mountain of high heels, bras, coat hangers, clothing, everywhere in the cabin. The cheesy 50s music in the background as the show starts, and once the girls leave the backstage curtain to “fly” down the runway, suddenly all the pressure was lifted, and there was a sense of elegance, magic, fantasy as I see them walk down the aisle. Bright red lipstick, and I get a high of that excitement of flying, the exotic side of being on a plane. The glamour, the sexiness. Which I guess I had forgotten all about.


Is now a good time to mention that I don’t enjoy flying? Never have. And I don’t think this experience exactly helped that. However, experience was exactly what it was. And something I won’t be forgetting for a long time.


And as I put my seat back into the up right position, and stow my tray table in front of me, never have I ever been so happy to hear the words…


“Cabin crew, prepare for landing.”

SO…I Dreamed a Dream

SO…I Dreamed a Dream

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Somewhere in New York – April 2013

It is my last day in New York City, and I have just woken up from the most vivid dream. It was about Bryant Park. Springtime, and I was amongst a sea of bright yellow daffodils, which actually remind me of a rich yellow gold double face silk satin we are using in the current collection. The smell of freshly cut grass, and the huge gushing fountain is behind me, which sounds are mixed in with the faint buzz of chaos city noises, from a far.


I am feeling quite nervous about my flight later. I’m about to put on a pot of coffee, but I change my mind. Instead, I get dressed, and head over to the park instead. To think, I haven’t visited it since the expired Christmas tree and ice rink were taken down, and I really can’t go home without seeing it one more time. I must go.



Fast forward. I have become some sort of airline critic. And like a Virgin, I was flying with them for the very first time. I am impressed. A pleasant journey where I managed my complimentary glass of wine before 10am this morning, enjoying the available in flight entertainment, and it did make me smile when just before landing, the sweet air hostess dressed in bright red offers me some love hearts candy. Nice. I’ll save them for later.


Much more exciting than the latest iPhone or iPad. Let me introduce you to the “ivisa.” Well- the O-1 actually. The newest must have accessory, and no it does not come in any other colors. Walking through customs, and I can only describe it like I’m going into battle, however this time I’m equipped with the strongest armor. An Olympic medal. A golden ticket. Armor which has taken about six months to prepare, but boy am I excited to try it out. But most importantly, it’s the pass to my dream. And it worked.


Ignoring time difference, sleep deprivation, baby I’m running on adrenaline and excitement. Sophie your life is waiting. And as I head into Manhattan and run down the subway steps on Northern Boulevard in my blue suede heels, I approach the window to ask for my brand new monthly subway pass. As I look over the booth, I can tell one of the woman’s eyes is fixed on me, but the other wonders. There’s a long pause.

“What perfume is that you’re wearing?” she asks, “I like it” and suddenly she moves her face closer to the glass which makes me jump.

“Oh, thank you” I say, “it’s Jean Paul Gaultier.” 
I explain to her the female body silhouette shaped bottle. She smiles.


My new Secret Garden for the next three years. I walk into Bryant Park for what seems like the first time again, and I am overwhelmed by the blanket of yellow daffodils that have filled up the park during my absence. Beautiful. And just like my dream. The colors, the smell, the surrounding faint city noises, drowned out by the fountain of tranquility. Spring has crept up just like that, and yet I can’t help but think how did those daffodils find their way into my dream?


And as I jump on the oh so familiar JFK air train back into the city that morning, with that gorgeous New York sunshine glaring through the window, a strong burnt orange, which silhouette actually reminds me of a French fil coupe organza we are using in the current collection. And then it starts to sink in again that I’m back in the city that I love, and I get another flashback of those gorgeous daffodils in Bryant Park. My favorite.


At that moment, I remember the tube of love heart candy handed to me on the plane. Just what I fancy. Fishing them out of my tight jean back pocket, I open the wrapper. I pull out the first heart, it’s pink. I turn it over, and it reads, “You win.”


I guess I kinda do.

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