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Art by Chavez

Shoes & Couture by Chavez Inc. is a Women’s Fashion brand that focuses on innovation and
creative products. The company strives to revolutionize the women’s footwear industry, by
changing the way women wear their shoes, but in a fun, practical, and exciting way.
The Chavez Couture, is meant to represent the existentialist and break the landscape of the
fashion world, by showcasing provocative, yet elegant, classy, and practical designs, and with a
touch of avante-garde.

This line is considered wearable art. They are the conversation pieces at any occasion
Avante-garde yet reminiscent of ancestry and hints back to the roots of fashion.
The collection is a small reflection of ancient egyptian fashion in the modern world.
Ancient Egypt was suggestive of Royalty even in the early ages of Man. As such Chavez has
masterfully displayed this through Gold embellishments, unique patterns, Strategic shapes and
of course the adornment of a woman’s silhouette. The Men’s line is a portrait of strength and
stature. The entire collection is a museum of history and the highest caliber of artistic

From Jeweled Collars, Amulets to detail, Choreography, Music, everything…. Chavez has
mastered the Art of Fashion. It is in the movement of the Model, the melodies of the music, the
composition of this collection is that of brilliance.

Antonio Enrique Chavez, born August 26, 1969, is a
Canadian-Guatemalan inventor, fashion designer, and founder of
Shoes by Chavez Inc., best known for his transformable shoes for
women, and sophisticated & alluring couture. His career in fashion
and innovation first began in 2013, when he started tinkering and
concepting on how he could revolutionize the women’s footwear

His goal was to bring something new to the industry, and his focus
was to change the way women think about their shoes, and the way women wear them. By
2014, he finished the first concept of a transformable women’s heel with the added functionality
of changing the look and style of the shoe, through interchangeable ankle straps and toe straps.
Today, he continues to break through the Women’s Fashion Industry with his collection of
elegant couture pieces that express a light theme to various ancient civilizations, but with a
modern-day approach; going back to the roots of fashion from thousands of years ago and
starting with one of the oldest civilizations in human history, Ancient Egypt. Antonio Chavez
strives to bring art into fashion by making every collection a unique piece of art, to encourage a
grand conversation, much like a beautiful painting.




Stephanie Renee

Stephanie Renee