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I am Courtsidepretty (the MUA) and my brand is called Oh So Pretty. Oh So Pretty is a brand of beauty products and female apparel. Oh So Pretty Lashes launched in August 2016 with rave reviews. With 3 styles to chose from this is only the beginning. I plan to expand to individual lashes, mink lashes and other cosmetic products in the future. Oh So Apparel is a line of leisure wear that caters to pretty girls that are on the grind and always on the go.

I have been a professional makeup artist for 3 years. I have built my clientele to include actors, actresses, socialites, and TV personalities. I have done makeup for fashion shows, weddings, proms, and as of  recently New York Fashion Week. My educational background in accounting and business management has aided in my sustainable success in this industry. I am inspired by the queen herself, Beyoncé of course. Her persistence and ability to always reinvent herself encourages me to stay on my game and “PUSH THE LIMITS OF  PRETTY.”

Contact info: You can check out my website You may also stay connected by following me on social media (IG, FB, SnapChat) @courtsidepretty


Stephanie Renee

Stephanie Renee