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At Monaara, we stand for Vibrant Artistic Fashion. We spread joy with colourful & vibrant scarves & stoles based on original paintings by Monika Kalra, a New York based Fashion Designer. Monaara was founded initially in London.

Monaara styles are built up on pure fabrics manifested with Monika’s original paintings with high quality prints. The delicate fabrics are laced with original strokes of hand-painted artwork that is different at each corner to create that rare and special look. This creates numerous styling possibilities. In fact, Monaara is not just a scarf, completes the attire.
Monaara’s first collection consists of pure satin silk fabric 80gsm. The products are baby hand finished on the edges and elegantly gift packed. Monika has come out with two collections of Monaara so far, look out for Monika’s vibrant style and strokes across all designs.

Collection One has been an exquisite collection of scarves with contemporary themes – Aqua, Bliss, Liquor, Mask and Fashion Geometry.

Collection Two is around creative personalities & forms, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Kathakali and brilliant animal forms – elephant, butterfly, octopus.

Monaara’s women’s accessories and is for someone who loves art, wants to standout to make a bold statement.

About Monika Kalra

Monika is the creative DNA behind Monaara, vibrant artistic fashion Monika grew up in an Indian family trading fabric since 1960s and went on to study fashion. Her work has been inspired by the vibrancy of Indian colour palette brought out in a western context. Before moving to New York, Monika worked at major Indian design houses for ten years and then started Monaara in London.

Monika’s style revolves around giving a vibrant treatment to simple yet classic subjects. Monika also reflects upon herself as an artist observing the world from her own comfort zone, experiencing the ripples of jovial & dismal emotional variations at all times. Expect influence of Monika’s fashion pedigree, so spectrum of vibrant colors blending in harmony with talking and existential life alike.



Stephanie Renee

Stephanie Renee