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Project Runway Junior

Project Runway Junior designer Ruby McAloon’s first sewing machine was given to her at age 7, and 4 years later, at 11-years-old, she was hard at work designing and constructing her first pieces. A year after those garments came to fruition, she was enrolled in the Teen Fashion Design Program at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She’s been honing her craft ever since… most recently, in Fall 2016, as the youngest designer to (ever) show a collection: –In Denim– at Boston Fashion Week. On the strong response of –In Denim–, 2017 is proving to be another solid year for Ruby with her garments already scheduled to appear at RI Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, and another showing in Boston. She is a multi-talented young woman with much more to bring to the table as she comes of age. Stay tuned!

Project Runway Junior Designer Allie At just 14 years old, Allie is one of the youngest designers on season 2 of Project Runway Junior. Known for her classic style with a retro-vibe, Allie’s technical abilities and creative styles make her a standout designer. Tim Gunn has complimented her work calling her tailoring “impeccable”Allie’s love of art and creating began at a young age and soon transformed into a passion. Entranced by her mother’s sewing machine, she began designing and sewing for her dolls and then for her sister and herself. She quickly outgrew her sewing teachers and eventually taught herself anything she couldn’t find on YouTube. Today, Allie designs commissioned pieces for her clients and is debuting her first collection, “Primrose” at New York Fashion Week, February 2017.

Project Runway Junior Hawwaa is free spirited, outgoing and loves to laugh. Her interest in fashion started after watching “Project Runway” and inspired her to start sewing at age twelve. She honed her skills by watching YouTube and now has her own website where she blogs about fashion and posts DIY tutorials. Hawwaa likes to keep classic silhouettes of 1950s and 1960s fashion while modernizing them with adding fun colors and patterns. She is not afraid to take risks and thinks outside of the box when it comes to fashion. Her designs are targeted towards young women who want to be noticed, but still have fun with their clothing.

Project Runway Junior Molly Obrien, 17- Fort Collins, Colorado // Molly spearheads is the founder of a fashion club and has been sewing since the age of 8. In her Freshman year of high-school Molly began to tackle clothing construction and brand building. Today Molly is working toward becoming a household name building her fashion empire targeting the “LA girl” with sophisticated and ready-to- wear styles.




Stephanie Renee

Stephanie Renee