SO… Defining Moments

1 January


I just won $100 on my first ever scratcher. This could be my luckiest year yet.


Three, two, one, Happy New Year. I’m on the roof, surrounded with some of my closest friends, and I’m wearing my favorite silver beaded sequin dress. Fireworks explode in front of us, and I glance down to notice the bright lights bounce off the sequins on the dress, creating this beautiful bright kaleidoscope of dancing shapes on the floor.


For me, life is quite simply filled up with moments. And I plan to continue living my life exactly like that, experiencing each moment to the next. Yes, some people say that 2016 wasn’t the best year, but for me, there were a few pretty great moments in there.


Rewind back to earlier this year, and I follow my bright coral sneakers as I run through Queens. 26.2 miles to be exact. The mental image of my spicy Bloody Mary cocktail at  brunch after is  keeping me going, especially those last torturous six miles. But I made it. Quite the accomplishment.



And then I’m laying on the beautiful white sandy beach in Naples, Florida, probably the most exquisite beach I have ever stepped foot on, and I’m wearing my big white sun hat to protect my face from the bright sun. So peaceful, so calm.



It’s the heart of the summer, and you’ll find me on Fire Island with my co-workers, and we’re team building, literally. A huge BBQ, walks along the beach, and I’ll never forget everyone running to jump into the sea to cool down from the heat. A fantastic moment for sure. However, don’t ask how we ended up at an underwear party at night. And if you don’t know what an underwear party is, again, don’t ask.



The day I decided to change my hair back to it’s original color, well the closest to the original colour yet. The same day I found my light wash vintage Levi jeans hiding in the back of my draw. They fit me again! After too many hours in the salon and later that day I meet up with friends in Brooklyn, and I guess it was just one of those really great summer days that I will always remember.



Then I’m in my printed kimono dress with leather trim collar, and I’m taken out for dinner. We’re overlooking the Eiffel Tower and celebrating the completion of yet another successful two day fabric marathon ordeal, and I remember thinking in that picture I am so excited for that meal, and then to go and hang up my high heels!


I ride the Eurostar home, when I have a moment, and am reunited with my younger sister outside Kings Cross station, London. We are both in matching floral dresses. I buy us a coffee, and we sit outside, and catch up. I remember this girl sitting the other side of the bench and interrupting us to say how happy we looked at that moment, and she offered to take our picture. It was cute.


And then I really know I’m home when I’m taken across all the backfields in the fresh Buckinghamshire countryside, and my Wellington boots are filled up with mud. It was good to be home again, even if it was just for a couple of days.



Fast forward to last week, it’s Christmas Eve, and I’m sat in the lobby bar of the most beautiful hotel with my good friend Stephen and his family. I’ve decided to wear my brand new bright red lace dress. Invited to spend the evening with them a truly magic evening of gift giving, story telling, and laughter. Isn’t that what the holidays are about?



For me, life is filled up with moments. Whether they be high or low moments, each one is it’s own, and leading onto the next. Cashing in my lucky scratch card yesterday morning, and I decided to save the money, putting it towards my next 2017 vacation adventure.


2017, to more great moments, great memories, and great dresses. Hey, this could be the luckiest year yet.